Window Cleaning Screens Basics

You mean we have to clean the screens too? Why clean the screens, it’s not glass? Well cleaning the screens are a very important part of window cleaning and should always be done. It makes no sense to have the windows cleaned and put dirty screens back on in front of the window pane. If it rains you can bet those windows are going to be dirty again right away. How often you use leather care, as with the other treatments, really depends on what you want.

When it comes to screen cleaning, not every customer wants to have them done, thinking it will save some money. It may save the customer some money but as soon as the wind kicks up or it rains, all the money they just spent to get their windows cleaned, just cost them even more. So be sure to mention that to the customers if they tell you they don’t want to have them done. It’s more money for you and better service for them. If you offer a rain guarantee on your work, be sure that guarantee is void if they don’t have their screens cleaned.

There are two ways to offer screen cleaning. One way is to have screens as an additional add-on. Some window cleaners charge for the window to be cleaned and then charge additional if the customer wants their screens cleaned, sills wiped, tracks cleaned and so on. The other method is to offer an all inclusive, so that the screens are already apart of the price you quote them. I personally recommend the all inclusive. This way you know they are going to have great looking windows and you don’t have to sell them on the other features.

So let’s talk about the basics of cleaning screens. There are a few ways to clean screens and I will teach you how to do three of them that I think are the most effective. First there is the dry brush method. Second is a wet cloth knock out method. Last is the wet cloth and hose method.

The dry cloth method should only be used on screens that are pretty clean to begin with, especially screens that fit into the window inside the house as opposed to outside. If the screens are outside then they better look like new already or you risk having dirt on the window when it rains next, which could result in a very unhappy customer. The dry method is simple and fast. I like to use a dry washcloth, I then wipe the cloth from top to bottom back and forth across the screen. Once you finish one side be sure to flip the screen and do the other side. To finish be sure to wipe down the entire metal frame holding the screen.

Next is the wet method, which is very effective for cleaning and will result in great looking screens. To start you use your washing wand and scrub the screen like you would a window, be sure to clean both sides of the screen. It helps to scrub in circle motions. Next you raise the screen a little higher then waist level and then tap the end furthest from you on the ground to knock out most of the soapy water. Flip the screen around and tap out the other side. Then you grab a wet washcloth that has been rung out and flick it against the screen almost parallel to the screen to get out the rest. Swat at the screen like you were throwing darts at the ground, except with the rag in your hand. Be sure to wipe down the metal frame at the end.

The last method is pretty much like the second method except in the interest of saving your arms from a lot of hard work, you use a hose with a spray nozzle attached to wash out the soapy water instead of so much swatting at the screen with the wet washcloth. It’s important to get all the soap out of the screen or it will dry white. This is the best method to clean out all the soap and save your arm. However this method could potentially take more time as you will need to gather up all the screens to one washing location, as where the other methods you could clean on the spot where the screen go or gather to locations for each side of the house.

When cleaning the screens you want to develop a method to know where the screens go. You don’t need to know each window, just which side of the house the screens belong to. If you keep screens on each side of the house already, then you might make piles of first and second floor for each side of the house. Good organization will help you put the screens back faster, also some screens might look the same size but might be off a little, making for a tight fit if put in the screen in the wrong window. This can come back to haunt you when you go to take it out again, assuming you will be cleaning that house again in the future.

Some window cleaners will actually mark the frame of the screen indicating where it goes, however I don’t think it’s necessary, and more importantly it’s not very considerate of your customers property, so be sure to get permission if you decide to mark them. Another thing some window cleaners do is to scrub the screens with a brush as opposed to a washing wand. Both work, however I find the washing wand to be faster. You can also play around with other cleaning chemicals to get the screens cleaned, I however try and avoid any chemical and stick with Dawn Ultra for all my cleaning. If you decide to try some chemicals be sure to wear protective gloves and goggles. Click here to check our leather car products.

Mike Burrell Squeaky Clean Window Washing

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Nanotechnology Makes Cars Shinier, Safer, More Fuel Efficient

Nano paint protection for vehicles is the very best feasible type of finish for your car s surface because not just does it keep the sparkle of your paintwork gleaming as though it has actually simply left the display room, but it is additionally self-cleaning. To overcome financial troubles and budget problems while spending on your vehicle, paint protection Adelaide can offer outstanding benefits and you don’t have to spend a lot to repaint your vehicle.

The procedure behind it is fascinating and is based on something from nature. It is called the lotus effect considering that it was found that the lotus blossom has self-cleaning homes on its leaves. This also applies to other plants such as walking cane, nasturtium and irritable pear. Additionally, some insects such as specific butterflies and dragonflies have the same ability.

When Was The Lotus Impact Found?
Researchers initially began to study this sensation in 1964, and the job was more created by Barthlott and Ehler in 1977; it was they that first coined the term the lotus impact. The fallen leaves of the lotus floral have an exceptionally high water repellent property which is called super-hydrophobicity. When it rainfalls, water droplets roll across the fallen leaves and pick up gunk, removing it from the surface, thus enabling the plant to remain clean and the fallen leaves to perform their function of photosynthesis to make it possible for the plant to grow.

The high surface strain of a water droplet indicates that it tends to lessen its surface in an endeavor to attain a shape which is as near to a sphere as feasible. On reaching a surface, forces of bond cause the area to come to be moist. The surface could come to be partially wet or completely moist and this will certainly depend on the liquid stress of the water droplet and the sticky attributes of the surface area.

The less of the water droplet that touches with the surface, the higher that area s hydrophobicity is claimed to be. This hydrophobicity can be gauged by the call angle of the water droplet on the area. The lesser the contact angle, the lesser the hydrophobicity and the other way around. If a contact angle on a particular surface area is less compared to 90 degrees the surface area is referred to as hydrophilic. Above 90 degrees it is hydrophobic.

Some plants have a call angle of as high as 160 degrees meanings that only about 2 % of the water droplet touches with the surface. In the case of lotus leaves, the contact angle is as higher as 170 degrees. These areas are claimed to be super-hydrophobic. The area of a water droplet touching a lotus fallen leave may be as litlle as 0.6 %.

Just how Does Dust Acquire Cleaned Off The Surface area?
When dust gets on to such a surface area the quantity of bond in between the dust fragment and the surface area is far less than on many others surface areas. When a water droplet rolls across the area the quantity of adhesion between the area and the dirt particle is less compared to that between the filth fragment and the droplet, so the filth bit is gotten by the droplet and carried away causing automated cleansing of the surface area. However, this only works as a result of the high degree of surface stress of a water droplet and does not work in similarly with organic solvents.

Fundamentally, that is just how it helps the lotus leaf. Precisely the very same principle is used in nano paint innovation for car paint protection Melbourne.

Just how Does Nano Paint Protection Work For Cars?
Nano modern technology has actually advanced to the point where a difficult safety ceramic finish can be applied to the lacquered completed area of the car s paintwork when it leaves the manufacturing facility. The lacquered surface is not resistant to bird droppings, UV, or chemical etching and could be easily harmed or scraped. When this takes place the only option is to brighten off the scratch marks or swirl marks thereby reducing the density of the manufacturing plant paint layer. Over time this means that inevitably a respray will certainly be called for.

Many individuals will utilize a wax polish or a polymer paint sealant on the paintwork, but this still leaves the paint area vulnerable to harm from square one, bird droppings and so forth, as these can permeate the gloss or sealer.

Just what Is the Solution?
The answer is to use a hard nano paint modern technology coating to the surface of the paintwork. The layer is much less at risk to damage compared to other surface finishes, but even if swirl marks or various other damage ought to happen the covering itself can be polished off and re-applied. This suggests that the factory paintwork will certainly not be harmed and will certainly maintain its thickness and sparkle.

Essentially nano innovation duplicates the results discovered in attributes in a basic method and super-hydrophobic finishes have actually been used on guy made areas for a substantial variety of years. One such application is self-cleaning glass used for windows, however they have actually been made use of in numerous other applications. For example, super-hydrophobic finishes integrating Teflon fragments have been utilized on med analysis slides.

The same innovation has actually been utilized for points as unique as roof covering floor tiles and leather-made upholstery. It could be made use of on satellite television recipes, as an example, in order to minimize the possibility of rainfall fade and to combat any sort of accumulate of ice and snow on the antenna.

It has actually also been used for plant growing. The Groasis Waterboxx is a gadget designed for planting little trees in areas of severe dry spell which enables the young sapling to have sufficient water reach its roots until the root systems drop far good enough into the ground to reach water. The Waterboxx can then be gotten rid of and made use of once again in other places. Nano technology allows the Waterboxx to collect dew and condensation and funnel it down to the root systems of the sapling also in areas of desert.

In order to shield the paintwork of your auto and preserve that fresh out of the showroom appearance with none of the effort, nano paint protection is the answer for the discerning driver. You will never have to worry about scrape marks or bird droppings, and your car will just require a fast rinse to eliminate any filth. It doesn’t issue whether your automobile is brand-new, or numerous years of ages; we could keep it the way it is, or recover it to the means it was. Want to achieve a good looking and clean vehicle, click here and we will give you tips.

You will likewise have the ability to laugh at your next-door neighbors washing and polishing every Sunday morning!

Multipurpose Cleaner – Basic H

Many of us are looking for the best multipurpose cleaner; a cleaner that could do almost everything we need, be effective and gentle to us and the environment. There is such a cleaner. It is called Basic-H2. This official Earth Day product is made by the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. It is used to clean surfaces in spacecrafts, submarines and oceanic research vessels, among other interesting users. There is so much to say and like most things in life it is best to start at the beginning. Every week you need to apply a window cleaner from your car to ensure that there are no streak around it.

Basic-H was founded by Dr. Shaklee, who founded the Shaklee Corporation with the motto, “In Harmony with Nature and Good Health.” Dr. Shaklee discovered the formula for Basic-H when he wasn’t looking for it. He noticed that when he wiped the lube from his hands they were clean. He set the formula aside until 1960 when he used that formula to make the first concentrated, organic, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner. Before “going green” was popular, Dr. Shaklee made it his life and his company’s mission to bring the benefits of nature into safe, usable and effective products. For Dr. Shaklee, creating Basic-H was just one of the first steps in a lifetime of health and environmental achievements.

Basic-H literally has 1001 uses. From being used by farmers for a myriad of things to uses for all around our homes, inside and out, it does it all. The problem for me is that I can not possibly tell you all the wonderful things it can do in this one article, so I’ll stick with the basics:

*Non-Toxic- absolutely no harmful ingredients, same pH balance as skin. No noxious fumes to avoid, best thing to remove harmful pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

*Economical and concentrated- 1/2 gallon makes up to 192 gallons of powerful multi purpose cleaner which can last over a year.

*Biodegradable- completely returns to organic matter in water and dirt within seven to thirty days.

*Makes water “wetter”- the natural components in Basic-H, activated by water, allows it to penetrate deeper into surfaces thereby releasing dirt and grime.

*Multiple uses- great and economical as a window cleaner, grease remover, fertilizer for lawns gardens household plants and crops, body wash, general cleaner, burn relief keep a small bottle by the stove, a couple drops in boiling water and boiled eggs peel easier, awesome spot remover, keeps dust away perfect for dusting computers, replaces commercial floor cleaners, emulsifies grease and regular use will keep pipes free-running, washing your car or boat, washing the family pets and spraying the lawn is great for keeping fleas away, bug’s hate this stuff so it is perfect and safer for use as insect repellent instead of commercial bug sprays, helps remove wall paper, great liquid hand cleaner, gets gum off and out of hair and fabrics, perfect for shaving, and for now my personal favorite, using a drop or two with your shampoo will make it suds more and make your hair softer.

Perhaps the best aspect of Basic-H is that it is completely safe for the family. My husband’s parents have been selling Shaklee for 30 years so he grew up around Shaklee products. This was a good thing especially since he was a young curious boy. Imagine being a child and having the desire to whip up a “special” potion to strip a toy car of paint, as my husband did. Under the sinks or on the top shelves of closets in most homes are a slew of dangerous chemicals used to clean windows, floors, sinks, bathrooms etc. Picture a child mixing these things together and what the outcome would be. Scary thought.

What my husband grudgingly found out about Shaklee was that nothing bad happened, no toxic concoction or steaming bowl of acid. The toy car he was trying to strip of its paint only came out clean and with perfectly lubed tires. He remembers being so disgusted he tried to get his mom to buy the commercial cleaners, which she of course refused to do. Imagine if your child made a “potion” with your cleaning products. Would you be afraid of the outcome? Changing the way we clean our homes can go a long way to protect our families, not just being by toxin free but also by keeping them safer from accidental poisonings.

Part of the fun with Basic-H is discovering the 1001 ways to use it. It is no wonder it goes everywhere with those who do. Being a mother of three, I personally keep a small bottle in my purse for emergencies and it has come in handy more than once. I would not be without my Basic-H at any time if I could help it. We take it on every trip even if it’s only a few hours away, and it’s a must for camping. Seeing is believing and when you see what Basic-H can do you won’t want to use anything else.

Basic H has to the most versatile product I have ever used. Another bonus is that Shaklee has other Earth Friendly Cleaning Products available. You can click here the highlighted links to find out more about all of Shaklee’s wonderful Products.

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Ceramic Nano Coating Confidently Protects Your Car

Nano paint protection for cars is the best feasible kind of finish for your car s area considering that not just does it keep the sparkle of your paintwork gleaming as though it has just left the display room, but it is additionally self-cleaning. We can coat your wheel’s in Opti Coat Pro just the same as your exterior car paint protection Adelaide, this will prevent brake dust bonding and keep your wheels cleaner longer.

The process behind it is exciting and is based upon something from attributes. It is called the lotus result due to the fact that it was discovered that the lotus floral has self-cleaning properties on its leaves. This additionally applies to some other plants such as walking cane, nasturtium and prickly pear. In addition, some pests such as particular butterflies and dragonflies have the very same ability.

When Was The Lotus Effect Discovered?
Scientists initially started to learn this phenomenon in 1964, and the job was additional established by Barthlott and Ehler in 1977; it was they that first coined the term the lotus result. The leaves of the lotus blossom have a remarkably higher water repellent property which is called super-hydrophobicity. When it rains, water droplets roll throughout the leaves and pick up dirt, eliminating it from the area, thus allowing the plant to stay clean and the fallen leaves to do their function of photosynthesis to make it possible for the plant to expand.

The high area stress of a water droplet suggests that it has a tendency to minimize its surface area in an undertaking to accomplish a form which is as close to a sphere as feasible. On reaching a surface area, forces of attachment reason the surface area to become wet. The surface could end up being partly wet or totally damp and this will certainly depend on the liquid tension of the water droplet and the adhesive nature of the area.

The less of the water droplet that is in contact with the area, the greater that surface s hydrophobicity is stated to be. This hydrophobicity could be determined by the get in touch with angle of the water droplet on the surface. The lower the call angle, the reduced the hydrophobicity and vice versa. If a contact angle on a particular surface area is much less compared to 90 levels the surface is referred to as hydrophilic. Higher than 90 levels it is hydrophobic.

Some plants have a call angle of as long as 160 degrees which means that just around 2 % of the water droplet is in contact with the area. In the case of lotus leaves, the contact angle is as high as 170 degrees. These surface areas are claimed to be super-hydrophobic. The area of a water droplet touching a lotus leaf could be as litlle as 0.6 %.

Just how Does Dirt Get Washed Off The Surface?
When dust jumps on to such an area the amount of adhesion between the dust fragment and the area is much less than on many others surfaces. When a water droplet rolls across the surface the amount of bond between the surface area and the gunk particle is less compared to that between the dirt fragment and the droplet, so the dust bit is gotten by the droplet and brought away causing automated cleaning of the surface. This only jobs considering that of the higher degree of surface tension of a water droplet and does not work in the exact same way with natural solvents.
Basically, that is exactly how it works for the lotus fallen leave. Precisely the very same concept is used in nano paint technology for car paint protection Melbourne.

Just how Does Nano Paint Protection Work For Autos?
Nano technology has actually advanced to the factor wherein a challenging protective ceramic covering could be applied to the lacquered completed surface of the car s paintwork when it leaves the manufacturing plant. The lacquered surface area is not immune to bird droppings, UV, or chemical etching and can be easily harmed or damaged. When this takes place the only choice is to brighten off the scratch marks or swirl marks thereby decreasing the density of the manufacturing facility paint layer. Over time this indicates that eventually a respray will be needed.

Lots of people will certainly utilize a wax polish or a polymer paint sealant on the paintwork, however this still leaves the paint surface area vulnerable to damages from the ground up, bird droppings and so forth, as these can penetrate the polish or sealant.

What Is the Response?
The answer is to apply a hard nano paint modern technology covering to the surface of the paintwork. The coating is much less susceptible to damages compared to any other area coverings, but even if swirl marks or various other damages need to occur the finish itself can be polished off and re-applied. This means that the manufacturing facility paintwork will not be harmed and will certainly keep its density and shine.

In effect nano modern technology duplicates the results found in attributes in a general means and super-hydrophobic layers have actually been made use of on man made areas for a considerable variety of years. One such application is self-cleaning glass made use of for home windows, however they have been made use of in numerous other applications. As an example, super-hydrophobic coatings integrating Teflon bits have been utilized on clinical diagnostic slides.

The same technology has been made use of for points as varied as roof floor tiles and leather furniture. It can be made use of on satellite television dishes, as an example, in order to decrease the opportunity of rain discolor and to neutralize any kind of accumulate of ice and snow on the antenna.

It has actually even been utilized for plant growing. The Groasis Waterboxx is a gadget designed for growing little trees in locations of severe drought which allows the youthful sapling to have enough water reach its roots until the root systems decrease much enough into the ground to get to water. The Waterboxx could then be gotten rid of and used once more somewhere else. Nano modern technology allows the Waterboxx to harvest condensation and condensation and channel it to the origins of the sapling even in locations of desert.

In order to safeguard the paintwork of your auto and maintain that fresh from the showroom appearance with none of the effort, nano paint protection is the solution for the critical motorist. You will never ever have to fret about scrape marks or bird droppings, and your vehicle will only need a fast rinse to eliminate any type of dirt. It doesn t matter whether your auto is new, or many years of ages; we can keep it the way it is, or recover it to the way it was.

You will certainly likewise have the ability to make fun of your neighbors washing and polishing every Sunday early morning! Click here to attain the highest quality of car paint.

New Car Paint Protection Tips And Warning

New car paint protection is essential in recovering your car paint to its past glory. It also safeguards it so you car has terrific appearance for several years ahead. Many car treatment items already existing out there today29 and all of them declare to provide security to your vehicle paint. The honest truth is that not all of these products are the exact same, the very same means not all automobiles are comparable. While every auto can essentially obtain you from point X to Y, there is still a substantial distinction in between car designs. The same puts on auto wax, paint protection and gloss. Every one of these products provide particular quantity of shine, yet that is as similar as they could obtain.

In this blog post, we educate you, whether you are a brand-new vehicle proprietor or a not-so-new one, on the crucial realities regarding paint protection products that are readily available in the market. This way, we believe you could make the right option when selecting the best protection for your loved car.

Are all car paint protection items the same?

Naturally they are not. There are many sorts of paint protection items and they have differing high quality and cost. However, when buying car paint protection Melbourne folks need to not make the error of basing their decision completely on the price of that security product. Rather, your decision on the kind of security you pick ought to be notified by what it is that you want to obtain. An item that offers defense versus UV rays, bird dropping road salt, acid rainfall and bug deposit all rolled into one is certainly much more expensive compared to a product that simply gives short-term luster.

Another point is that different items offer differing degrees of sparkle. If you want to get a product that provides you a much longer shine but calls for less upkeep, be prepared to pay a couple of added bucks for it. Bulk of protectants that are offered in the marketplace presently supply just restricted quantity of defense versus the components discussed over. Also, most of them do not give long-term shine and need reapplication. As a result, it is essential that you be careful of what you select for your auto.

Can car paint protection help keep your auto s value in addition to resale value?

The paint work and appearance of a car will assist in preserving not just its value however also resale worth. An automobile that is well kept with a mirror finish paint, has actually an increased resale worth. It likewise saves you money and time now. With an excellent paint protection, a bunch of time is minimized cleaning it considering that crud and gunk are conveniently gotten rid of. It won t need polishing to preserve its look.

Exactly what are a few of things you can get out of a good car paint protection?

Among the primary perks of car paint protection is that it includes genuine worth to the car. A correct paint protection application could give your automobile astounding glass sparkle in addition to keep its worth. For these factors, individuals are typically ready to component with $1000 merely to obtain good paint protection. When done appropriately, there will be much less waxing and the cleansing will be a lot easier in situation your auto obtain filthy and should be washed. This means much more financial savings in future.

Can your auto s paintwork be damaged by simply bird going down?

The response is yes. Chances that your car is acquiring harmed daily without you possibly seeing are extremely genuine. Lots of people just assume that the greatest hazard to their automobile s paintwork is UV rays. While this holds true, the damages comes after a number of years. Bird droppings are nonetheless much more instant danger. They cause harm in merely a matter of days.

Bird droppings, as you know, are the product of a bird s digestion device. Without going excessive into the field of biology, droppings could have high levels of acids which could ruin the paintwork.

Lots of people are shocked by the quantity of damage that could arise from a bird falling. While it can go unnoticed to an untrained eye, a specialist which understands what he desires in vehicle will quickly see it.

Is vehicle waxing the best option?

Car shaving is understood to provide instantaneous shine, it is not the best option. The factor it is called wax is because it is made from wax. And as you being aware, wax will certainly thaw when subjected to warmth. When waxed paint is used on your vehicle, it ends up being soft when subjected to heat. This loosens sparkle and also makes your car more vulnerable to entrapping contaminants. It is wonderful for program automobiles given that these do not rest in the sunlight for an entire day everyday.

By its extremely nature, wax seldom sticks to the car area. Wax can not attach well to any sort of area. Merely try sticking wax to any type of area and you will see this. In the same way, wax inevitably cleans off of your car, which will certainly leave your car with less or no security at all.

What are the various other points that you need to understand about car paint protection?

The have to properly look after your auto, that is, specifying and washing, can not be overemphasised. Selecting reliable auto wash outlets and detailers is not just important but additionally secures your automobile from harm. Simply put, address the paintwork of your automobile the same way you would certainly care for your skin. Anything that gained t harm your skin gained t damages your auto s paintwork.

One more vital thing is a top quality auto hair shampoo. This reduces area scratching that results from rubbing when the vehicle is being washed. You likewise require a soft stack wash mitt or sponge and it should be of high quality. If you want a streak-free drying out, you have no alternative yet to insist on a terry towel or a natural leather chamois to dry your auto.


As with anything else, you simply obtain what you have paid for with car paint protection. For that reason, it is very important to choose the right location to wash or information your automobile. This need to be assisted by the span of time it requires to cleanse your vehicle safely and appropriately. Learn more how to apply the car paint protection for your own car.

All About Automotive Detailing

Automotive detailing can be one of the most important jobs at vehicle dealerships or detailing shops. Whether a detailer is preparing the vehicle for a sales display or getting it ready for its new owner, it’s sometimes that first impression of the vehicle that makes automotive detailing so significant. Car wash products offer exterior wash, detail services and a 100% rain and snow guarantee, discount promotions and other specials.

Good automotive detailers will know the areas on vehicles that a bad detailer can miss. Areas such as door jams, window seals, and engine cleaning are signs that you got a good detail job. Trade-in vehicles that need to be detailed are perhaps the most important as a good detail can affect its retail value. No one wants to buy a used vehicle, no matter what the performance quality, if it hasn’t been detailed properly.

Soiled upholstery and carpet stains can also prevent resale value but using the right products can show a drastic improvement if done correctly. Tobacco or smoking in a vehicle are no longer challenges for the good automotive detailer. Various manufacturers are now producing machines such as Ionizers that when placed in a vehicle for a small period of time can take out the effects of smoking smells.

Automotive detailing products are important. Products or mitts that can scratch, wear out the paint, or dull chrome should not be used and a good automotive detailer will know which products to avoid.

Automotive detailing product salespeople who promote their products and claim they are the best visit many dealerships. Beyond what products auto detailers are using, a customer should look at the detail shop or detail area. Is it clean? Are the products organized, or are the detailers running back and forth, sharing products, or worse, leaving the detail area looking for their equipment? Check them out for cleanliness and accessibility of the automotive detailing items they use-are they nearby?

A good automotive detailer will use tools such as small brushes with soft bristles for vent cleaning. Detailing tools that have small rubber tips are good for cleaning dirt out of seams and trim. Wheel and tire brushes are also a must. Some products such as mitts and brushes are now being offered by the manufacturers with color-coding. This color-coding helps the detailer identify which is the best tool for the process in a quick and easy manner. Bottles of cleaners should also be color-coded for automotive detailing use. Grabbing the wrong solution can be detrimental to the detailer if he is in a hurry. The color-coding process has eliminated the mistakes sometimes made in the automotive detailing business.

Some automotive detailing shops even offer services that will check your wiper blades and other viewable parts that can easily be replaced by a detailer at a lower cost than a mechanic or technician.

A big job for the automotive detailer is new vehicle preparation. If a dealer sells new vehicles, as they are shipped in, they are inevitably full of dust, debris and, road wear from the shipping process. Not only is the automotive detailer responsible for cleaning the new vehicle, most car dealerships will provide them with a checklist of other items to check for operation. The checklist can include items such as setting the clock and radio, testing the key fobs to see if they are working correctly, removing the new vehicle plastic and stickers, and, taking the vehicle on a small test drive to check wipers, air-conditioning and, other essential elements.

Probably the last thing a good automotive detailer can offer is the trip to the gas pump to fill your vehicle up with a full tank. If your detailing company or dealership offers this, it may save you dollars. Many dealerships receive gasoline discounts and are happy to pass them along to the customer to keep them coming back, so check that out when you visit your automotive detailer or dealership.

Automotive detailing takes a lot if care. People who work in this area should be the kind of people who love the detailing process and the outcomes they achieve. They are people who have high levels of energy and communication skills to ensure the customer is getting what they want. If chosen right, the good automotive detailer can make all the difference in that new, used, or customer vehicle. Good automotive detailers will keep customers coming back to any shop and are sometimes overlooked for the talents they possess.

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How to Detail Your Automobile

Some say that Guido da Vigevano built the first car in 1335 that used a windmill type assembly to drive a set of gears to turn the wheels. I would say that if that is the case, that he probably was also the first one to clean a car. Now the car wash/detailing industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Although why would you want to spend you hard earned money on having some one else detail your car? When you could do it yourself, and make sure it is completed correctly and the way you want. Besides I know a lot of car enthusiast out there who would really prefer to detail their cars themselves. One of the joys that many people take when they’ve purchased a new car, truck, SUV or other vehicle is pampering it with car detailing products.

After years of experience and talking with some of the best product/technical representatives around today, I have compiled a how to guide for car owners that want to do there own work. This guide is intended for all car enthusiasts on all levels. Maybe you are new to car detailing or you are just looking for some new “tricks” to give you the advantage at your next car show. Either way I hope that this guide helps you on your journey.

First off detailing is hard work and time consuming. No matter what your reason for wanting to detail your car from wanting to attend a car show to selling your vehicle detailing will be well worth your time and effort. Now there are products out there that say that it will cut your time in half, and that you only need to do it once a year. However, several professional detailers I talked with said that many of the new cheaper products are indeed too good to be true and can damage paint jobs. This is why I suggest staying away from low quality products and sticking with the known products. There is nothing that works as well as hard work and some elbow grease. I will make some suggestions as I continue through the guide, but if you have a product you really like, go ahead and use it.

Before you get started you will need:

Paper towels, rags, and chamois. Old t-shirts work well, and if you can find any old “clean” cloth diaper use them because they make excellent rags for polishing the finish and are great for windows.

Brushes. You’ll need a few different varieties and sizes to get into the hard to reach areas. An old toothbrush works well, and several cotton swabs.

Wash bucket. Make sure it is clean, and you may want to keep is as your car washing bucket only. This may help prevent getting unwanted dirt and chemicals in a bucket you use to clean your car with.

Wash mitts and or a good quality sponge.

Bug removal sponge

Power Washer or a good hose nozzle with different head types. Power Washers are getting pretty reasonably priced now and you can pick them up at any hardware store.

Shop Vacuum or equivalent.

Orbital Buffer. Again these are getting pretty reasonably priced.

Now where to begin? Most professionals I talk to suggest starting on the interior first, so the dust and dirt you brush out won’t settle on a cleaned exterior. Remove any floor mats and give the carpeting and upholstery a good vacuuming. Move the seats forward and backward to get all the dirt including in the tracks, and door jams. You should also use one of your harder bristled brushes to get any dirt out from the cracks; it is also good for stirring up the carpet mat so you can get most of the junk out of the carpet.

Now if you have any stubborn stains in the upholstery or carpet this is the time to deal with them. Use an all purpose cleaner to get the stubborn stains out. Saturate the stain with cleaner, working it in with a damp sponge. Let it sit awhile and then blot it out with a dry towel. Make sure to read the direction on the cleaner for specific precautions. You can also use a window cleaner sprayed on a rag to get the headliner clean. Don’t forget the trunk/hatchback areas as well.

You can repair burns and holes in your carpet by cutting out the area with a razor blade. Then cut a similar size piece from a hidden spot, such as underneath the seat, and cement it in place using a water resistant adhesive. Blend in the repair by brushing the repaired piece with the old. You can also go to a carpet outlet and can buy a carpet sample for pretty reasonable price that could match the carpet of the car. If your carpet is still looking bad you can shampoo it to get any remaining dirt and grease out. You can usually rent these machines at a carpet store or even you local grocery/retail chain. Start with the carpets on the driver’s side then the seats; this keeps the water to a minimum. Move around the whole car until you’re done. Again make sure you read any precautions from the manufacturer.

Now move on to the interiors hard surfaces, clean them with a damp cloth and a mild all-purpose cleaner. If you have leather upholstery, dress the surfaces with a leather conditioner; spray it on a rag for tight areas. Never use a vinyl product on leather. Worn or torn areas of vinyl can be repaired using kits made for this purpose. Repairs are made with a patch that lets you match the color and grain of your upholstery. Worn areas of leather can be touched up with dyes or a high grade shoe polish.

Now for one of the harder parts the dash. First you can blast any dust away with a can of compressed air. Clean air vent grilles with cotton swabs and brighten them up by misting on some spray on rubber dressing. Spray any dress up cleaner on a soft towel and then apply it to the rest of the dash, be careful around the instrument panel.

Then move on to the windows. If you are like me, then you hate cleaning windows for the fear of streaks. Some pointers in this area are to don’t spray directly on the window, but onto a rag. Have a dry cloth ready to wipe it dry. You can even use newspaper to wipe it dry, the abrasiveness acts like a polish and it won’t leave any streaks. Also make sure you rinse your hands off before cleaning your windows, this will help remove any unwanted dressing. If you have aftermarket window tint film, it may be degraded by cleaners that contain ammonia or vinegar. Factory tinting is in the glass and is not affected by these cleaners.

Now it’s time to move to the exterior of your car, well kind of, detailing your engine. First you will need to cover any sensitive equipment such as electrical components. Try using a heavy duty aluminum foil for this step. If you use a home pressure washer for this, be careful, you can blow water in areas that weren’t meant to get wet. I prefer using a regular garden home for this step. After you have sealed everything off, spray a heavy duty degreaser on to the cool temperature engine. Again read any warnings or precautions on the degreaser. Use a pointy brush to get any stubborn deposits. Then spray down with your hose, making sure you get all of the degreaser off.

Once you’re satisfied, start up the motor and let it run for a while with the hood down. Then remove the foil and use a rag sprayed with the degreaser and wipe down any parts covered. Now you can wipe everything down with a rubber dressing or shining product. However, do not spray or wipe down your belts, and make sure you read any precautions on the product.

Were finally on to the part about actually washing your car. Make sure that you are using a clean wash mitt or sponge, and that your bucket is free of dirt and contaminates. Work in the shade and make sure the surface is cool. Make sure that you are using a good car wash, and don’t use dishwashing detergents. The dishwashing detergent damages the finish, stripping it of vital oils causing it to dry out.

Presoak the car first making sure you get rid of any of the big dirt. Also remove any bug and tar items time using tar & bug remover with a sponge. Move on to the rims, since rims collect brake dust and road debris. Use a wheel cleaner that is made for your type of rims such as being clear coated or not. Don’t overlook the under side of the vehicle, and the gas cap lid as well. Now start at the top of your vehicle and move your way down. Make sure that you get all areas, and rinse often. To do a final rinse, remove the spray head from the hose and flood the finish. The water will tend to run off in sheets, minimizing spotting. When drying the vehicle off, you can use a chamois to get the bulk of the water, but finish it off with soft towels.

When you’re done washing and the car is mostly dry, apply your rubber dressings to the tires, bumpers and any plastic parts you want to shine. This gives the car to finish drying and you can then look for missed areas or water runs.

Most people stop here and say they are done, if they even get to this point. They over look one of the most important steps in detailing and preserving a vehicle, and that is waxing. Now the market is full of different types of waxing products, but how many of them actually work? Most of the average cheap waxes contain a very small portion of wax in them, and use petroleum instead. Products that are like this do very little in preserving and waxing the paint, if anything they just waste your time and money. Also be aware of the spray on wax with water. These waxes might give some protection for a day or two, but nothing like the protection of a carnauba wax.

Before you wax you need to get rid of any oxidation you may have. Typically, you will not have to do this every time. Oxidation depends on how much you wax, when you wax, how much sun the car is exposed to, and other weather conditions. Oxidation can usually be removed with a clear coat compound. For standard finishes you can step up to polishing compound, which is mild but still too harsh for clear coats. If you do use these products, you must seal the paint after.

If you decided to use a compound for oxidation, then you must seal the paint. You can buy a glaze/sealer to do this. Most sealers or glazers you apply by wiping on. Then use soft towels to remove it after it has hazed over.

Now you are ready to wax. Make sure you are using a good wax, preferably one with high amounts of carnauba wax in it. Again, start at the top of your vehicle and do small sections as you work your way down. Don’t let it sit more than 5-8 minutes before removing, and two thin coats of this is much better than one thick coat. Also apply it with a side to side motion instead of circular to prevent swirls. Be sure to include door jambs, and the areas beneath door hinges and behind bumpers. Minor blemishes may be neutralized by wrapping a cotton cloth around your index finger and burnishing the polish into the finish.

If you machine-buff the polish/wax to a high luster, go with an orbital rather than a rotary model, which would be more likely to burn the paint. The rotary buffer is much faster than orbital but in the wrong hands can easily damage paint. Treat the plastic chrome as if it were a painted surface and protect it with a light coat of wax. Try and not get any on the black rubberized parts. If you do, spray it with a mist and wipe product and wipe it down with a terry cloth towel. If that doesn’t work a professional detailer gave this as a suggestion: Microwave some peanut butter and apply it to the stain with a soft toothbrush. Peanut butter’s oils dissolve the wax and its abrasive enough to lift the stain. If you get a polish/wax residue around emblems or in crevices, break out the cotton swabs and toothbrushes. After removing it all go around and remove any excess from the cracks and emblems using a brush and towel. Cloth diapers are excellent for buffing up a shine.

Here’s a tip: break the car down into equal sections. Apply the prep/sealer/wax to one section at a time before moving on to the next. This let’s you concentrate your efforts on small areas at a time.

Also keep a good car duster around for getting the dust that some products leave behind.
Plus remember to protect your cars finish from the elements as much as possible. This means storing the car in a garage, covered area, or with a good quality car cover. A car that is constantly exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards will deteriorate quicker and require significantly more cosmetic maintenance.

We hope that you found the information helpful.

For the best selection and lowest prices, shop with a reputable dealer such as Moose Pak LLC at

Komaka Wilson has been in the auto accessory and detailing business for over 15 years.

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10 Best Car Wax Products

Protect your car paint with car wax and car polish. Car waxes should be regularly applied and range from $4-40 – much less than a car paint job.

Keeping your vehicle looking great can help increase its value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in. So consider waxing your car regularly to help protect its paint, as well as make it easier to clean when you wash it. Plus, your friends and family will be impressed with how shiny your car is!

Applying car polish after you wash your car helps prevent the formation of rust and protects the paint job from dust and debris. When searching for car care products for your vehicle, look for those that won’t damage the surface or paint of your vehicle’s exterior. When choosing car products, start by browsing our list below of the 10 best car wax products to help you make your decision on which item best meets your needs.

10. Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax – $39.99

Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax has a fast dry time, and the high carnauba content increases water beading so that water glides quickly off of your vehicle’s surface. Easy to apply, the special make-up of carnauba and other ingredients means that the wax is never too hard and has a quick cure time, giving your vehicle the protection you want with a sparkling shine.

9. Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 – $17.99

A synthetic protectant, Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 goes on easily without leaving behind any powdery residue. Eliminating the swirls and scratches of harsher wax products, Tech Wax 2.0 provides long-lasting protection and protects against UV rays from the sun. Use of the liquid wax leaves behind a deep, wet-looking shine.

8. Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish – $8.99

You can apply Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish in direct sunlight, unlike many car wax products. This once-a-year product requires no buffing or rubbing, and it surprisingly contains no wax or polish. Available in a liquid or soft paste, Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is a synthetic sealant alternative that helps seal your vehicle’s paint job against dirt and debris and provides superior protection over other products, according to the manufacturer.

7. 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax – $17.99

Producing a deep wet, gloss finish, 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax provides protection against dirt and grime, as well as paint-damaging UV rays. Its slick, shiny finish also deters dirt and grime, meaning your vehicle stays cleaner longer. In addition, 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax can aid in the removal of light oxidation from your car’s finish.

6. Mother’s Reflections Car Wax – $19.99

Using an advanced liquid polymer agent, Mother’s Reflections Car Wax cleans while it gives your car a super wet shine. The car wax adds a protective coat to your paint job. For best results, consider using Mother’s Reflections Car Wax with other Mother’s products to protect your car, give it a just-washed shine, and keep it protected over time.

5. Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A Car Wax – $4.09

Providing a durable, water-repellant finish, Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A Car Wax puts up a barrier that protects against the UV rays that often dull your car’s appearance. The Turtle Wax Carnauba T-5A Car Wax cleans while it shines, and after applied, it keeps pollutants away from the paint on your car.

4. Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish – $28.44

You never have to remove Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish, and it does not crack, chip, or peel, according to the manufacturer. Liquid Glass creates a mirror-like finish when applied and helps protect your vehicle’s body from caustic materials, such as road salt, acid rain, and bird droppings. Easy to apply, the polish contains no wax and is safe for use on a variety of vehicle finishes.

3. Mother’s California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid – $13.99

Mother’s California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid’s non-abrasive formula delivers a deep shine that keeps your vehicle’s surface protected over time. Providing a smooth, clean finish, Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Liquid works with a variety of Mother’s products to keep your vehicle protected and looking great.

2. OPT Optimum Car Wax – $16.49

Consider this wax for all of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. The OPT Optimum Car Wax provides a clear, glossy finish using high-quality ingredients. Easy to apply, OPT Optimum Car Wax buffs to a brilliant shine, uses no hazardous chemicals or harsh solvents, and can last up to five months, according to the manufacturer.

1. P21S Concours Carnauba Wax – $37.99

P21S Concours Carnauba Wax provides a deep shine with no staining on plastics or rubber. One of the purest products on the market, P21S Concours Carnauba Wax uses no harsh chemicals or solvents. The soft, buttery texture of the wax goes on smoothly and produces a shiny gloss. Buffing is simple as well, with no powdery residue left behind.

In addition to washing your vehicle on a weekly basis, you want to wax your car every three months to keep the exterior looking shiny and clean. You should also learn how to wax a car before applying any products to your car. You can also Ask a Mechanic if you have any questions about a car wax product.

Advertising – On the Move

If done well, vehicle advertising can provide an unobtrusive presence in your local community. That is of particular benefit to a business with a geographically based target market – like a real estate agency. If you are looking for a signmaker, sign artist, sign designer or sign Installation our signwriters Sydney we have you covered.

If you think vehicle wrapping is too expensive and not worth the hassle, then read on, you might just be surprised.

Are you currently paying your Property Manager a vehicle allowance? Chances are you answered “yes.” So let’s say you are paying your Property Manager a $180 per week allowance. What if you could lease a branded wrapped vehicle for as little as $150 per week*?

A case study

Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy is currently providing their Property Manager with a branded vehicle on a managed operating lease.

Lachlan Yeates, Principal, explains, “It was a no brainer really. We are always looking for clever ways to make our marketing dollars work harder. All businesses demand more value from every marketing dollar, and vehicle branding is becoming increasingly popular with real estate offices. Fortunately for us, our franchise group had already designed the vehicle branding and negotiated the managed operating lease with a car dealer. This meant we didn’t have to worry about design costs and we were able to access a National Fleet pricing structure, even though we were just leasing one vehicle. The vehicle arrived fully branded with our brand’s distinctive signage. There was nothing we had to organise other than the vehicle’s comprehensive insurance. This might not suit everyone, but it is definitely worth looking into.”

Admittedly, a managed operating lease doesn’t include the cost of petrol or comprehensive insurance. Let’s say you need to put $55 a week petrol into the vehicle, and let’s allow $25 a week for comprehensive insurance – this now brings the total to $230. Who wants to pay $50 a week more than they have too? Well just think about what the extra $50 a week will give in you advertising – surely this is money well spent.

How much are you paying for promotional ads in your local newspaper?

Or how much did your last letterbox drop cost you?

Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy are also going to receive a brand new set of replacement tyres during the life of the lease, which is of great benefit given the distance their busy Property Manager clocks up. The registration, CTP (compulsory third party), repairs and maintenance are also part of the deal, for the life of the lease. They are only out of pocket for the petrol and the comprehensive insurance. And at the completion of the lease in two and a half years time, the vehicle is handed back to the car dealership with no further obligations.

“Our Property Manager loves it too. In fact, I am sure the vehicle has helped us attract and retain good staff – it has definitely bred loyalty. I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to anyone who is currently paying his or her Property Manager a vehicle allowance” adds Lachlan.

The basics

What does a vehicle wrap/managed operating lease include?

A new vehicle is leased by the business for two and a half years or 50,000kms (whichever comes first) at $150 per week*. Lease includes a vehicle wrap, full maintenance, tyre replacement and registration.

What happens at the end of the lease?

At completion of the lease the vehicle is handed back to the dealer, with no further obligations, provided the vehicle is returned in accordance with kilometre usage and fair wear and tear conditions.

What are the benefits?

  • Inexpensive local advertising – not only can you build awareness for less, but your ‘reach’ is greatly extended.
  • Money well spent – your marketing spend is working harder.
  • Reinforces your team’s professional image.
  • Target particular events or areas at specific times.
  • Breeds loyalty/staff incentive.
  • No liability or asset is shown on the balance sheet, freeing up capital for other business investments
  • The information for this article on leasing a branded vehicle on a managed operating lease was provided by Ross Martin at Bill Buckle Autos (phone 02 9939 1500).
  • *Actual lease price based on vehicles as follows: 3 door Toyota Yaris YR = $147.35 including GST per week / 5 door Toyota Yaris YR = $150.79 including GST per week (price does not include fuel or comprehensive insurance).

This article is not intended to be financial advice. For advice on vehicle management talk to your tax advisor or accountant.

Jess Wheeler is a Marketing Consultant who specialises in delivering creative marketing solutions to a diverse range of industries, including e-commerce, finance, real estate and automotive.

Jess was recently the Marketing Communications Manager of a well-known Australian Real Estate franchise, and is currently the Managing Director of outsauce.

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Car Paintings Doing It Like The Pros

Painting a car well is what makes the whole artwork look like it was done by a pro. When I started drawing cars I focused to much on painting the cars right instead of looking at the proportions of my car painting. So before you start shade and paint be sure that you are satisfied with the cars lines so far, because once you start paint and shade it will be very hard to change any lines. So if you are absolutely sure, then let’s start shading the car. Dent no more as long as car paint protection Brisbane has been applied.

One big tip here is that you start at the upper left corner (or upper right corner if you are left-handed). This is because it reduces the risk of the car paintings to get all messy. So start from the upper corner! Think about how you want the whole painting to look, try to get a image of it and then you start slowly adding with your pencil this to the background. If you need reference photos then go a head and get those, these will help you not to mess up to much on the background proportions. Don’t start with the darkest area, instead start coloring the lighter area of the background of you car paintings, and then go to the darker areas gradually. Then when the upper corner is done, then start moving the center area of the car painting and continue with that area and then next and so on.

A trick for making the car look very well shaded is to exaggerate the contrast. Where you want it to be black, be sure to make it black and not some grayish black, this is a little trick lots of gifted artist miss out on. Same goes with the different shades on the car, going from dark to light, be sure to really make the dark areas dark and the light areas light.

And remember to take some breaks from your car paintings, don’t rush it and try to get it all done within an hour or so. Take a break after an hour or so and then come back later and you will probably spot some small mistakes that you didn’t see while you were doing them! And my last tip is the most important one: Be sure to have fun!