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Canada is a hot destination for skiers this winter. The forecast from environment Canada calls for an average or above average temperature range and lots of precipitation. The last several years, particularly in Eastern Canada, warm temperatures and little snow fall had a disastrous effect on ski businesses. Some were on the brink of bankruptcy and have been saved by the early winter conditions of 2007/2008. Lot of ski Canada deals to choose from, most in my bucket list can be found at

Residents of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and in major US cities didn’t see much snow last year so skiing and outdoor winter sports including snowmobiling have not been on people’s minds. The effect on tourism and hotel accommodation has been dramatic. This year, people are being encouraged to get outdoors as a healthy lifestyle choice. If that isn’t convincing enough, Muskoka hotels, Vancouver hotels, Banff hotels, and Whistler Hotels are offering discounted prices for ski vacations. Hotel ski deals are a great way to experience a complete, relaxing getaway while having all the luxury amenities too.

With Banff and Whistler hotel room rates dropping, it is the perfect time to book a ski vacation getaway in the mountains of Western Canada. Here you can enjoy some of the best snow conditions in North American with incredibly long ski runs.

Skiers can book a Vancouver hotel room and ski at Grouse Mountain. You don’t necessarily have to stay in Whistler to enjoy a ski vacation. A room in Vancouver offers lower rates and better access to activities in Vancouver including shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Grouse mountain is only a few miles from downtown Vancouver. It offers 26 runs and skiers can take the Olympic Express high-speed quad chair lift which can transport 2,000 skiers every hour. This is a major ski destination for Vancouverites.

Whistler BC is a spectacular location and the coming Winter Olympic games will make the sea to sky highway very busy. Rooms in Whistler may all be booked now, so if you want to experience Whistler lifestyle and visit the now completed Olympic venues, why not make a vacation getaway in Whistler Blackcomb? Whistler Mountain offers an incredible and even exhausting ski hill with more than 8100 acres of skiable terrain and a 5,000 foot vertical drop. Whistler BC is one of North America’s top ski destinations and there are plenty of Whistler hotels to book your ski getaway. Look for last minute room packages offered to email newsletter subscribers.

For residents of Alberta and the eastern Rocky Mountains, Banff and Kananaskis are the ski destinations of choice. Three major ski areas provide hundreds of ski runs and thousands of skiable terrain, including cross county ski trails. Sunshine Mountain, Ski Lake Louise, Mount Norquay, and Nakiska in Kananaskis provide incredible skiing and plenty of sunshine. Skiers can stay at either Kananaskis village hotel resort or at the major Banff hotels. The ski hills are not far off and shuttle bus services are available. Skiing is big business in Banff and the ski hills here are world class. The experience of taking North America’s longest gondola ride to the Sunshine mountain ski resort is a pleasure in itself. The gondola caresses the mountain side to the base of the ski hill at an elevation of 7200 feet. From there, skiers of every skill level will find some incredible skiing experiences. Highly skilled skiers can ride the lifts to the top of Sunshine Mountain at 8954 feet. Here you’re skiing amidst the clouds for a mystical, otherworldly experience. The 33 feet of annual snow shouldn’t frighten you as the trail grooming is exceptional. 20% of the trails are beginner grade and further. The ski out trail to the parking lot is a lot of fun for those with endurance. It goes all the way to the parking lot near the TransCanada highway.

Nakiska ski hill is the featured ski hill at the former Olympic ski venue for the Calgary Olympics. The drive from Calgary is less than an hour and you’ll find thousands of Calgarians skiing here every weekend. The Kananaskis Resort has several hotels and lodgings, but the centerpiece of the village is the Delta Kananaskis, the ultimate in luxury hotel accommodation in the mountains.

Come to Canada this winter and take advantage of great ski hotel packages. You can stay in the major Canadian cities or book your hotel room in Whistler, Banff or Kananaskis villages. Any way you choose, this is a winter of hotel bargains.

Gord Collins is a frequent traveller to the Western Canada region and enjoys skiing and the outdoors. He recommends Whistler hotels and Banff Hotels as the ultimate in ski vacation accommodation. Come to Canada and enjoy spectacular mountain skiing and an unbeatable outdoor experience for the whole family.

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