How to Deal With an Unwanted Tattoo

You want your tattoo removed or faded in the shortest time possible, try the treatment from Tattoo Removal Sydney. Many people who get tattoos eventually regret their choice of body art and have to deal with it somehow. This is especially true in the case of tattoos including names of former significant others. There are a number of ways you can solve this problem.

First, you can cover up the tattoo, either by wearing clothes that cover the tattoo or by using makeup meant for this purpose. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it prevents other people from seeing your tattoo in situations where this wouldn’t be desirable, such as formal events or job interviews.

If you like having tattoos but don’t like the particular tattoo you have, a skilled tattoo artist can cover your tattoo with another design, making the original tattoo difficult or impossible to see. Your choices will be somewhat limited since not all tattoo designs will work to cover up your old tattoo.

Another option is to have the tattoo removed using lasers. This is one of the only permanent ways to remove tattoos, and it will take multiple treatments and be relatively expensive. This process is also painful, and some people find it actually hurts worse than getting the tattoo itself. It works best for tattoos that are dark in color, rather than those containing bright colors, and tattoos involving mixed colors are particularly difficult to move, especially if the mix contains white ink. New tattoos are more difficult to remove than old tattoos, and complicated tattoos are more difficult to remove than simple tattoos. Also, tattoos located on your hands, fingers or ankles are difficult to remove.

Tattoos can also be removed permanently through dermabrasion or through surgery, but these options leave scars, and newer laser removal methods are unlikely to leave scars so most people choose lasers.

The best way to avoid having to deal with an unwanted tattoo is to think it over very carefully before you get a tattoo. Consider how you are likely to feel about the tattoo as you get older, and whether it might impair your ability to get a particular job or give off an impression you wouldn’t want. Placing the tattoo in a less visible location and avoiding tattooing names of anyone other than your children can also lower the chances that you will eventually want to have it removed. Even if you eventually regret a tattoo in a less visible location, you won’t necessarily have to go through the time, pain and expense of getting it removed because few people would ever see it. You can consider it a lesson learned and learn to live with your mistake.