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Many of us are looking for the best multipurpose cleaner; a cleaner that could do almost everything we need, be effective and gentle to us and the environment. There is such a cleaner. It is called Basic-H2. This official Earth Day product is made by the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. It is used to clean surfaces in spacecrafts, submarines and oceanic research vessels, among other interesting users. There is so much to say and like most things in life it is best to start at the beginning. Every week you need to apply a window cleaner from your car to ensure that there are no streak around it.

Basic-H was founded by Dr. Shaklee, who founded the Shaklee Corporation with the motto, “In Harmony with Nature and Good Health.” Dr. Shaklee discovered the formula for Basic-H when he wasn’t looking for it. He noticed that when he wiped the lube from his hands they were clean. He set the formula aside until 1960 when he used that formula to make the first concentrated, organic, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner. Before “going green” was popular, Dr. Shaklee made it his life and his company’s mission to bring the benefits of nature into safe, usable and effective products. For Dr. Shaklee, creating Basic-H was just one of the first steps in a lifetime of health and environmental achievements.

Basic-H literally has 1001 uses. From being used by farmers for a myriad of things to uses for all around our homes, inside and out, it does it all. The problem for me is that I can not possibly tell you all the wonderful things it can do in this one article, so I’ll stick with the basics:

*Non-Toxic- absolutely no harmful ingredients, same pH balance as skin. No noxious fumes to avoid, best thing to remove harmful pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

*Economical and concentrated- 1/2 gallon makes up to 192 gallons of powerful multi purpose cleaner which can last over a year.

*Biodegradable- completely returns to organic matter in water and dirt within seven to thirty days.

*Makes water “wetter”- the natural components in Basic-H, activated by water, allows it to penetrate deeper into surfaces thereby releasing dirt and grime.

*Multiple uses- great and economical as a window cleaner, grease remover, fertilizer for lawns gardens household plants and crops, body wash, general cleaner, burn relief keep a small bottle by the stove, a couple drops in boiling water and boiled eggs peel easier, awesome spot remover, keeps dust away perfect for dusting computers, replaces commercial floor cleaners, emulsifies grease and regular use will keep pipes free-running, washing your car or boat, washing the family pets and spraying the lawn is great for keeping fleas away, bug’s hate this stuff so it is perfect and safer for use as insect repellent instead of commercial bug sprays, helps remove wall paper, great liquid hand cleaner, gets gum off and out of hair and fabrics, perfect for shaving, and for now my personal favorite, using a drop or two with your shampoo will make it suds more and make your hair softer.

Perhaps the best aspect of Basic-H is that it is completely safe for the family. My husband’s parents have been selling Shaklee for 30 years so he grew up around Shaklee products. This was a good thing especially since he was a young curious boy. Imagine being a child and having the desire to whip up a “special” potion to strip a toy car of paint, as my husband did. Under the sinks or on the top shelves of closets in most homes are a slew of dangerous chemicals used to clean windows, floors, sinks, bathrooms etc. Picture a child mixing these things together and what the outcome would be. Scary thought.

What my husband grudgingly found out about Shaklee was that nothing bad happened, no toxic concoction or steaming bowl of acid. The toy car he was trying to strip of its paint only came out clean and with perfectly lubed tires. He remembers being so disgusted he tried to get his mom to buy the commercial cleaners, which she of course refused to do. Imagine if your child made a “potion” with your cleaning products. Would you be afraid of the outcome? Changing the way we clean our homes can go a long way to protect our families, not just being by toxin free but also by keeping them safer from accidental poisonings.

Part of the fun with Basic-H is discovering the 1001 ways to use it. It is no wonder it goes everywhere with those who do. Being a mother of three, I personally keep a small bottle in my purse for emergencies and it has come in handy more than once. I would not be without my Basic-H at any time if I could help it. We take it on every trip even if it’s only a few hours away, and it’s a must for camping. Seeing is believing and when you see what Basic-H can do you won’t want to use anything else.

Basic H has to the most versatile product I have ever used. Another bonus is that Shaklee has other Earth Friendly Cleaning Products available. You can click here the highlighted links to find out more about all of Shaklee’s wonderful Products.

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